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Written by on Monday, February 06, 2012
Paul Pearman Mosaic Buckles

Art For Your Hips

I saw one of Paul Pearmans's exquisite mosaic belt buckles in the current issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine and immediately had to see more of his distinctive work. Paul creates one-of-a-kind, handcrafted and intricate belt buckles that combine fine gemstones with carefully selected recycled and found objects to make stunning works of art for your hips. His buckles are gaining national attention and have recently been featured in American Craft  "Style Makers," and Cowgirl magazines. You can also see his buckles on celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, Tanya Tucker, Marty Stuart, Amy Grant, and several more. 

Paul Pearman created his first mosaic buckle more than ten years ago when he was looking for a belt buckle for a vintage Tony Lama leather belt that he purchased at a flea market. When he was not able to find anything he liked, he used his experience in making jewelry and mosaic home decor items to design his own belt buckle. The buckle drew attention wherever he went, and he began to make the buckles on commission, as well as hosting trunk shows at prestigious boutiques in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Nashville.

Paul Pearman's mosaic buckles are entirely handcrafted, signed, and numbered by the artist (and can take up to 40 hours to create!). No casting is used and all the metal is hand forged. Because they are built totally by hand, Paul can only make 150 - 250 buckles a year, depending on their complexity. The buckles are available in many shapes, including best sellers such as the skull and cross bone, heart, butterfly and paisley designs. The gems used include spectacular cabochons of spider web turquoise, jasper, Autralian opals, tiger eye, blood coral, and labradorite. The recycled and found objects include stained glass, shark teeth, fossils, relics, shells, vintage jewelry, and more.

The specatacular buckles shown below include "Susan's Fleur De Lie" (left), featuring a huge Australian bolder opal surrounded by vintage seed pearls with four hues of African labradorite. "My Girl" (top center) is a hand forged bubble butterfly with an emerald head, turquoise body, fossilized nautilus shell wings, sterling silver hummingbirds, vintage sterling earrings and sunstone focal stones. The "Arizona Sunset Brass Paisley" (top right) features a large Australian boudler opal, fossilized nautilus shell, spider web turquoise, a fossilized sand shark tooth, and several colors of hand nipped glass. "Delicate Wings" (bottom center) showcases two color matched Australian opals for the body of the butterfly, and matching pear shaped African labradorite stones and fossilized nautilus shells surrounded by vintage seed pearls and hand nipped glass for the wings. "Goin' Fishing" (bottom right) features a large spider web turquoise stone surrounded by three hues of turquoise blue glass and sharks teeth with firey Australian opals. Prices for Paul Pearman's mosaic buckles vary from $150 - $8,000 depending on the materials used and the intricacy of the design, and custom design work is available.

If you are anything like me, you can't wait to see more of Paul Pearman's mosaic buckles! Visit the Mosaic Buckles website to see more of Paul's work, as well as his upcoming show schedule for 2012.

Paul Pearman Mosaic Belt Buckles