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Written by on Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Will Leather Goods Artisan Belts

Premium American Leather Accessories

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the Will Leather Goods website. I do remember, however, that I was very impressed with their leather accessories and wanted to feature them in my blog. Founded in 1981 in Eugene, Oregon, Will Leather Goods creates men's and women's leather accessories with an authentic and handcrafted feel. Their belts, handbags, wallets and other small accessories are classic and stylish, with a bit of Western flair.

William Adler, the founder and President of Will Leather Goods, was an actor in Hollywood who starred in numerous television shows and movies throughout the 1980's. Out of necessity during a Screen Actor's Guild strike he started a small leather belt stand in Venice, CA under the name "Billy Belts." The belts were a success and Adler quickly moved into the leather belts industry and became a manufacturer.

Over the past 25 years, Adler has experienced a wealth of success with several different leather accessory companies. His most recent brand, Will Leather Goods, was inspired by the Western art of riding saddles, gun holsters and cowboy belts. Today Will Leather Goods is recognized internationally for their use of high quality materials and excellent workmanship, and you can find their products in Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barney's New York, and countless boutiques across the country.

Will Leather Goods artisan belts are created using the old, bench-made technique.Their belts are 100% full grain leather, and they are cut in small batches by hand. The buckles are attached by hand, bar tacking, or Chicago screws, which allows the buckles to be interchanged (always a plus!). The Baez Belt (left, $80) is made of vintage saddle leather and features Morning Glory tooling, flat pearls, Navajo diamonds, and antique brass "S" buckle. The Havens Belt (center, $80) is also made of vintage saddle leather with moon shaped tooling, patina flat pearls in silver, and an antique nickel buckle. The Joplin Belt (right, $80) is also made of vintage saddle leather featuring Morning Glory tooling, flat pearls and rock pyramids, and an antique brass buckle. Each of these belt styles is available in two different colors, making it even more difficult to decide which one to buy. I want one of each!

Visit the Will Leather Goods website to see and purchase these belts as well as a large selection of distinctive leather accessories.

Will Leather Goods Baez Belt Will Leather Goods Havens Belt Will Leather Goods Joplin Belt

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